Number Grid Laminated Sticker

Our famous number grid laminated and as a sticker! Use dry erase markers to graph points. This large-scale Quadrant 1 visual is the perfect mat to introduce the coordinate grid to students. Make graphing fun!

Also available as a regular floor mat or a laminated floor mat.


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Dimensions: 4 ft x 4 ft

Materials:Laminated decals (approved floor laminate)

Includes: X and Y axis (0 through 20)

Sample Activity:

Stand on the intersection of the X and Y axes (0,0). Have someone call out a new coordinate (“5, 16!”). Jump to the new location and write the point with a dry-erase marker. Continue jumping and writing as new coordinates are called out.


Please Note: Dry-erase mats and stickers are not slip-resistant. It is important to place the mats and stickers in safe spaces that are not in high traffic areas (e.g. school hallways). 

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Dimensions 48 × 48 in
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