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Quadrant 1 Hop Laminated Floor Mat

This largescale laminated mat depicts quadrant 1 of the coordinate plane. Use dry-erase markers to graph points and create lines and shapes. Make graphing interactive and fun!

Also available as a regular floor mat or laminated sticker.


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Explore Quadrant 1 on a Dry Erase Coordinate Plane Graph

Master graphing on Quadrant 1 with this large blank coordinate plane! This version of our Quadrant 1 Hop mat is laminated with dry-erase material, meaning you can graph points over and over again. Explore the positive values of the coordinate plane through movement and play on this blank quadrant 1 graph.

Our Quadrant 1 Hop laminated floor mat is 4 by 4 feet. This format helps students familiarize themselves with the coordinate plane at a large scale. Multiple students can draw on dry erase coordinate plane together, promoting collaboration and interactive learning. Additionally, the eye-catching colors and easy-to-see format will keep any visual learner engaged.

Students learn best while they are moving. With this unique blank quadrant 1 graph, teachers can easily incorporate movement and physical activity into graphing lessons. Students’ learning comprehension and memory retention will be improved as a result of moving on the mat while plotting points.

Overall, elementary students struggle to sit still. So why not encourage movement while interacting with a blank coordinate plane? You can find various number graphing activities on our activity database!

The Quadrant 1 Hop mat is versatile. Create bar graphs, picture graphs, line plots, and polygons on the mat. Teach new math concepts, including geometric shapes, composite shapes, perimeter, area, symmetrical lines, slope, distributive property, scaling, and shape transformations.

With this dry-erase coordinate plane, drawing and redrawing points, lines, and shapes is super easy! Simply erase any marks with a rag or paper towel and move on to the next lesson. Trade the graph paper for this larger-than-life blank coordinate plane of quadrant 1.


Also available: A regular floor mat or a laminated sticker.


Product Details

Materials: Laminated floor mats combine the power of our heavy-duty vinyl material with dry-erase laminate. The laminate works well with a dry-erase marker and can be cleaned easily.

Dimensions: 4 x 4 feet

Includes: X and Y axis (0 through 20)


*Note: Dry-erase mats are not slip-resistant. Place the mats in safe, non-high-traffic areas.


Sample Activity: Find the Ordered Pair

  • Have a student stand on the intersection of the X and Y axes (0,0).
  • Have another student call out a new coordinate (“5, 16!”).
  • The student on the mat will jump to the new location.
  • Then, have other students take turns calling out coordinates and jumping.

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