Word Hop Hand Wall Stickers

Boost literacy skills with these stickers!

Our Dolch sight word floor mats turned into wall stickers! Create beautiful, interactive learning hallways for your school! Available as individual sets or a full set.



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Materials: 3.2 mil vinyl film with permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive with Comply Adhesive for fast, easy bubble-free installation

Includes: Word Hop hand stickers (6 hands with words, one circle with word, two blank hands). See picture below for setup example.

Words get progressively harder with each mat (ranging from A as the easiest to AC as the hardest). See word lists below. Select option at drop-down above. These words match the Word Hop Floor Mats and Word Hop Floor Stickers.

Word Hop Mat A: I, A, The, Go, Can, Is, Me

Word Hop Mat B: To, In, It, Run, Did, Like, And

Word Hop Mat C: Not, We, Get, Said, My, See, You

Word Hop Mat D: Have, Are, No, What, Do, At, On

Word Hop Mat E: Was, For, Come, Funny, He, Jump, Little

Word Hop Mat F: Will, Too, Look, Of, Play, This, Up

Word Hop Mat G: Saw, Ran, One, Here, Good, Down, Big

Word Hop Mat H: Away, Yes, All, Am, Around, But, By

Word Hop Mat I: Call, Came, Eat, Fast, An, Stop, Some

Word Hop Mat J: She, Who, Out, Old, Make, Into, Going

Word Hop Mat K: Her, Help, Had, Give, From, Fly, Cold

Word Hop Mat L: Be, As, After, Your, Under, Soon, So

Word Hop Mat M: Round, Ride, Its, If, His, Him, May

Word Hop Mat N: Many, Made, Live, Let, Know, Has, Got

Word Hop Mat O: Gave, Find, When, Walk, They, Then, Them

Word Hop Mat P: That, Put, Over, Now, New, About, Could

Word Hop Mat Q: Ask, Always, Any, Again, Ate, With, Were

Word Hop Mat R: Went, Take, Say, Our, Once, Or, Long

Word Hop Mat S: How, First, Found, Does, Been, Because, Bring

Word Hop Mat T: Wish, Want, Would, Upon, Us, There, Tell

Word Hop Mat U: Pull, Only, Open, Never, Must, Much, Goes

Word Hop Mat V: Every, Done, Before, Which, Work, Very, Think

Word Hop Mat W: Those, Their, These, Small, Show, Sit, Keep

Word Hop Mat X: Just, Hold, Hot, Grown, Fall, Drink, Draw

Word Hop Mat Y: Buy, Where, Try, Today, Shall, Read, Pick

Word Hop Mat Z: Please, Pretty, Off, Own, Myself, Full, Cut

Word Hop Mat AA: Clean, Both, Best, Better, Write, Why, Well

Word Hop Mat AB: Use, Together, Wash, Warm, Thank, Sing, Start

Word Hop Mat AC: Sleep, Right, Laugh, Light, Kind, Hurt, Far




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