Word Hop Stencils

Paint sight words on your school’s playground or blacktop using these stencils. Each set includes 7 words. Select your word list choice from the dropdown menu below.


Sight Word Stencils

Want a permanent version of our Word Hop floor mats? Looking to create space for everyday literacy practice? Our Word Hop Stencils are for you! Use these word stencils to paint sight words on your school’s playground or blacktop.

Each stencil set includes 7 Dolch sight words. These words were identified by Dr. Edward William Dolch as basic words, that for the most part, cannot be sounded out and must be learned by sight. See all of the available options for sets in the drop-down menu.

By stenciling these words onto your playground or blacktop, students will have the chance to practice them each day through play-based learning. Best of all, they will be so engaged while moving around on these painted sight words that they might not even realize that they are using literacy skills! Bring your vocabulary lessons outdoors and make learning to read fun!


Also available: Word Hop Floor Mats, Word Hop Floor Stickers.


Product Details

Materials: We use 7 mil clear polyester film (Mylar) for our stencils. This is a standard material for industrial stencils. The material is tear-resistant yet flexible. Cleaning is easy, so you can use them again and again!

Dimensions: Each stencil is 75 x 25 inches

Includes: Each stencil set includes a frame with 7 blocks and 7 word stencils.


Sight Word List

Words get progressively harder with each mat. See word lists below:

  • Word Hop Mat A: I, A, The, Go, Can, Is, Me
  • Word Hop Mat B: To, In, It, Run, Did, Like, And
  • Word Hop Mat C: Not, We, Get, Said, My, See, You
  • Word Hop Mat D: Have, Are, No, What, Do, At, On
  • Word Hop Mat E: Was, For, Come, Funny, He, Jump, Little
  • Word Hop Mat F: Will, Too, Look, Of, Play, This, Up
  • Word Hop Mat G: Saw, Ran, One, Here, Good, Down, Big
  • Word Hop Mat H: Away, Yes, All, Am, Around, But, By
  • Word Hop Mat I: Call, Came, Eat, Fast, An, Stop, Some
  • Word Hop Mat J: She, Who, Out, Old, Make, Into, Going
  • Word Hop Mat K: Her, Help, Had, Give, From, Fly, Cold
  • Word Hop Mat L: Be, As, After, Your, Under, Soon, So
  • Word Hop Mat M: Round, Ride, Its, If, His, Him, May
  • Word Hop Mat N: Many, Made, Live, Let, Know, Has, Got
  • Word Hop Mat O: Gave, Find, When, Walk, They, Then, Them
  • Word Hop Mat P: That, Put, Over, Now, New, About, Could
  • Word Hop Mat Q: Ask, Always, Any, Again, Ate, With, Were
  • Word Hop Mat R: Went, Take, Say, Our, Once, Or, Long
  • Word Hop Mat S: How, First, Found, Does, Been, Because, Bring
  • Word Hop Mat T: Wish, Want, Would, Upon, Us, There, Tell
  • Word Hop Mat U: Pull, Only, Open, Never, Must, Much, Goes
  • Word Hop Mat V: Every, Done, Before, Which, Work, Very, Think
  • Word Hop Mat W: Those, Their, These, Small, Show, Sit, Keep
  • Word Hop Mat X: Just, Hold, Hot, Grown, Fall, Drink, Draw
  • Word Hop Mat Y: Buy, Where, Try, Today, Shall, Read, Pick
  • Word Hop Mat Z: Please, Pretty, Off, Own, Myself, Full, Cut
  • Word Hop Mat AA: Clean, Both, Best, Better, Write, Why, Well
  • Word Hop Mat AB: Use, Together, Wash, Warm, Thank, Sing, Start
  • Word Hop Mat AC: Sleep, Right, Laugh, Light, Kind, Hurt, Far


Commonly Asked Questions:

How many applications do the stencils hold up for?

Many variables go into this answer. The best way to ensure a long stencil life is to clean the paint off your stencil after each use. There is no need to clean the stencil so it looks new; You just want to prevent paint from building up around the edges. Many of our customers have used a single stencil for hundreds of applications.


Is spray paint included?

No, paint is not included. The amount of paint needed depends on the number of colors you choose to use. Additionally, we recommend having a group of volunteers to help paint – ideally 3 people or more.


Additional information

Dimensions 75 × 25 in
Product Type

Stencil Option

Word Hop Stencil A, Word Hop Stencil B, Word Hop Stencil C, Word Hop Stencil D, Word Hop Stencil E, Word Hop Stencil F, Word Hop Stencil G, Word Hop Stencil H, Word Hop Stencil I, Word Hop Stencil J, Word Hop Stencil K, Word Hop Stencil L, Word Hop Stencil M, Word Hop Stencil N, Word Hop Stencil O, Word Hop Stencil P, Word Hop Stencil Q, Word Hop Stencil R, Word Hop Stencil S, Word Hop Stencil T, Word Hop Stencil U, Word Hop Stencil V, Word Hop Stencil W, Word Hop Stencil X, Word Hop Stencil Y, Word Hop Stencil Z, Word Hop Stencil AA, Word Hop Stencil AB, Word Hop Stencil AC, Full Set


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