Rhyming Stickers

Place these heavy-duty stickers on walls or floors to help students in preschool and kindergarten (and younger or older, too!) learn rhyming words! Includes 6 stickers


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Help your students learn rhyming words

Looking for a fun way to teach rhyming words? Do your preschool or kindergarten students need help with rhyming words – or just reading in general? Check out our Rhyming Stickers – the perfect big and bright addition to any classroom or hallway! This set of 6 stickers brings three pairs of rhyming words to life.

These 12 x 12 inch stickers are ideal for young students who love pictures. Each sticker includes a labeled image of one of the following rhyming words: bat, cat, bin, tin, hot, and pot. Preschool and kindergarten students can practice reading, word recognition, and spelling with these rhyming words.

Simple rhyming words for preschoolers will help them learn to read. Continue to practice reading skills and recognize rhymes with rhyming words for kindergarten. Set the small picture cards aside and upgrade to these large stickers!

Place these stickers in a frequently visited spot at your school and watch students’ confidence with rhyming words grow! Made with high-quality materials, our stickers are able to withstand daily classroom use. For extra safety, our floor stickers are laminated with non-slip material.

Teach rhyming words for kids in an active way that appeals to visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learners alike!


Product Details

Material: Each sticker is 6.4 mm thick and laminated for extra protection. Our stickers are made with the latest advancements in 3M adhesive technology, so applications are easy, quick, and hassle-free.

Size: 12 x 12 inches each

Includes: bat, cat, bin, tin, hot, pot


*Note: Many factors go into installing our stickers. Please check out our guide and general FAQ page for more information and instructions.


Sample Activity: Rhyming Challenge

  • Place your stickers on the floor and have a student jump on the first word. Or, place your stickers on the wall and have a student touch the first word.
  • Ask the student to read the word aloud.
  • Then, tell the student to either jump to or touch the first word’s rhyming word. Ask them to read that word aloud.
  • Finally, challenge the student to come up with a third rhyming word.
  • Repeat for each rhyming word pair.

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