A STEAM Program that fits your school’s goals

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four students and teacher using clock hop mat in a gymnasium

STEAM/STEM Education for Your School

Looking for a STEAM/STEM education program for your school? Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) or STEAM with Art included, is growing across the nation. STEAM education takes the skills students develop through STEM education, and enhances them even more through creativity and innovation. STEM and STEAM education helps challenge students and prepare them for the future.

When students don’t have a helpful STEAM education, it can be hard to get a job. Sometimes this leaves only minimum wage jobs that do not pay enough. We label children who often do not have a supportive STEAM education as “low performers”. As a result, they are typically tracked into “beginner” classes. Over time students put in the beginner classes grow to be less confident and achieve less in Math. This in turn causes students to not be able to access college-prep resources. Sometimes they can’t even get into college. To prevent this from happening, we need STEAM programs that help support all learners. Math and Movement’s kinesthetic learning programs make students confident and keep them on track.

Kinesthetic Learning and Beyond!

Get Creative With Your Math & Reading Lessons

When teachers combine STEM/STEAM and kinesthetic learning, students can excel in the classroom and beyond. Math is one of the core skills you need to be economically successful. This is because of the rise in computers, technology, and global markets. The fastest growing jobs require at the least a college degree and to understand math and computers. The great need to use and create new technology creates a high demand for people in math and computer jobs. As a group, these jobs will grow more than twice as fast as the average for all other jobs in the economy. Clearly, much more is at stake than bad feelings about math when someone says, “I am not good at math.” Therefore, that is why we need kinesthetic learning programs that help all students develop STEAM skills and have fun while doing it.

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