What is Kinesthetic Teaching?

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students on a hopscotch by 3s mat

Schools across the country are looking for new and effective teaching strategies. Math & Movement uses a kinesthetic, multi-sensory learning approach. This approach helps to teach students the skills they need to succeed in math and reading. Our programs use colorful floor mats that help to engage all students. That way, students can learn and have fun! In the end, we find that when teachers use our teaching strategies they can reach all learners.

Why do Most Students Benefit From Kinesthetic Learning Environments?

While most of the classrooms in the U.S only use auditory or visual learning styles, Math & Movement recognizes that students learn through many different ways. Also, our programs, workshops and learning materials are all aligned with most state standards. In addition, research shows that kinesthetic learning environments help create young and active minds. As a result, students of all learning styles are confident and happy.

Kinesthetic Teaching and Learning Programs

Math & Movement has many kinesthetic teaching and learning programs. Some of the most popular are:

  1. Family Fun Nights.
  2. STEAM/STEM Nights.
  3. Professional Development Workshops for Teachers.
  4. Summer Institutes; Summer camp for students and professional development for teachers.
  5. 2-Day Symposium; for teachers and students.

Data Behind Kinesthetic Teaching and Learning.

Math & Movement is based on research that suggests that moving during learning helps with muscle memory. Movement is an important factor for young children who do not have abstract thinking skills yet. Also, it is based on research that says that cross-body movements integrate the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Cross-body movements are when the left arms or legs cross over to the right side of the body or the right arms or legs cross over to the left side of the body. Therefore, these movements help to wake up the brain which helps to reinforce concepts.

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