Math & Movement Symposiums

Learn the Kinesthetic Strategies and Data Collection Methods to Take Your Math and Reading Classrooms
to the Next Level!

The Math & Movement Symposium is a two-day intensive training during the school day in an elementary school.

The Math & Movement Symposium offers training for teachers/schools in movement-based learning strategies. These strategies boost student achievement, increase physical activity, reduce obesity and increase the overall health and brainpower of students.

For schools that partner with us and lend their space and students for the training, we offer:

  • A customized agenda to best fit into your school’s schedule.
  • One set of M&M materials (7 Skip Counting Hopping floor mats, the Clock mat, and the Add/Subtract mat), a $1,995 value.
  • Four hours of one-on-one tutoring for 25-50 of your students from a certified teacher during the two-day period and data collection on these students.
  • A FREE Family Fun Night on the first evening of the Symposium, a $995 value.
  • Training for ALL your teachers prior and during the Family Fun Night.
  • FREE e-books for ALL teachers in your school (a $1,945.5 value based on 30 teachers).
  • Half-price for hard copies of books for all teachers in your school if ordered within two-weeks of Math & Movement Symposium!
  • A 10% percent discount and FREE shipping on all Math & Movement Floor mats if ordered within two weeks of Math & Movement Symposium.
  • The opportunity to be involved with a University research study that tests if students engaging in Math & Movement have increased physical activity during after-school hours.
  • Suggestions for how to stencil outside areas with math patterns in order to increase math practice during recess, before school, and after school.
  • Training and support in how to use a Math-A-Thon to increase math fluency.
  • Offer space in your school for two consecutive days
  • Access to technology (internet access with video capability)
  • Distribute and collect media release forms to parents and teachers to allow us to photograph students and teachers.
  • Allow us to collect pre- and post- data (no names would be used)
  • Pay for substitute teachers to cover your participating teachers’ classrooms.

Recent symposium


During the Symposium, 22 third-grade students took a pre-test based on their multiplication skills before using the Math & Movement floor mats with their teachers.

After 130 minutes, the students took a post-test. The graph below right shows the increases from the pre- to the post-test scores.

Peru Intermediate School
September 26 & 27, 2018

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