So You’re Teaching Summer School… Let’s Make it Fun!

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The Benefits Of Teaching Summer School

There is a stigma around teaching summer school. For starters, no student, or even teacher, wants to be in school outside the academic year in the first place, right? Actually, summer school is a great opportunity for teachers to have more independence with their curriculum. It also allows them to work in small groups with struggling students, instead of larger classroom settings.

Summer school benefits the student because it can reinstill their interest in learning, help develop confidence, and improve recall of information. When students are taught at their own pace, they can take more time to focus on their learning. Students also develop more confidence because they are not under as much testing pressure and, instead, are focused on developing their skills. Finally, summer school helps reinforce what students learned during the year. Without practicing math and reading skills from the school year, students can lose valuable knowledge. It is important that teachers keep students engaged and actively learning.

How Can Teachers Make Summer School Fun?

Math & Movement is a great resource for summer school teachers. It allows teachers to keep kids active, moving, learning, and having fun. Some students don’t learn well through traditional methods. Through a kinesthetic learning approach, with brightly colored mats, students can hop to their heart’s content! Math & Movement can be used to introduce and/or reinforce a wide range of topics in the classroom. For instance, if you are focusing on teaching multiplication, you can spread out the Multiplication Hop. If you are just introducing fractions, you could use the Fraction Walk Floor Mat. If you are focusing on teaching reading, you could introduce the Parts of Speech Hop or one of our many sentence hopping mats. The possibilities are endless to create an awesome curriculum that will engage students and give them a summer to remember!

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