Turning Creative Students’ Artwork Into Beautiful Custom Stair Riser Stickers

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custom stair stickers for schools riser ideas decoration

School Decorating Ideas

Are you trying to think of some decoration ideas for your school? Like something to brighten up the hallways or make walking around the building a bit more vibrant? Harding Elementary School in Kenilworth, NJ reached out to us last winter for some help decorating their interior. They had heard of our stair riser stickers but wanted something more customized and unique to their school.

Harding Elementary came up with the wonderful idea of opening up the design process to their students. They held an art contest and selected students’ drawings they wanted to turn into custom stair riser stickers. The design and print production team at Math & Movement got to help Harding Elementary turn their students’ artwork into larger-than-life school decor!

Customized Stair Riser Stickers

For their art contest, students at Harding Elementary submitted drawings they wanted to decorate their school staircases with. Then, faculty and staff chose their favorites from each grade. The students had super creative stair riser ideas – including imagery of hawks, instruments, artists, math equations, school supplies, and landmarks!

The next step was to print the new custom stair riser stickers! All the Harding Elementary staff had to do was scan the winning artwork and email it to the Math & Movement team, along with their stairs’ dimensions. Our designers formatted the students’ artwork to fit each riser in each flight of stairs. Our team handled all the printing as well!

In a few weeks, the new custom stair riser stickers arrived at Harding Elementary. Staff installed the stickers around the building. The final result is a uniquely decorated school! The students’ artwork makes the staircases vibrant and lively. With designs as cute as these, we’re sure teachers and students are smiling every time they walk by! See for yourself in the images below!

Additionally, Harding Elementary requested some custom stair riser stickers with their logo and mascot. These staircases are eye-catching as well and must be adding a lot of school spirit!

custom stair stickers for schools riser ideas decoration
custom stair stickers for schools riser ideas decoration

Custom Stickers For Your School

Has your faculty and staff been wanting some more decoration around your school? Do you think your students have creative stair riser ideas? Take inspiration from Harding Elementary! Math & Movement is here to help you create high-quality, custom-fit stair riser decals for your school. Installation is easy – simply peel and stick! You could have decorated stair risers as a unique focal point in your school for years to come.

custom stair stickers for schools riser ideas decoration

Have Your Own Stair Riser Art Contest!

Ready to have an art contest among your students for stair risers in your school? We've made a template for your students to draw their stair riser designs on! You can download the PDF below. Simply print and hand it out to students. Reach out to the Math & Movement team for more information.

Please note: this template can be customized to match the number of stairs in your school's flight. Request a template with more or fewer stairs by emailing us at info@mathandmovement.com

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