3 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids School-Ready This Summer!

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3 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids School-Ready This Summer!

As summer starts to swing into full gear, it’s important to not lose sight of all the hard work students put into their education for the last nine months during the school year. While summer is a time of fun and celebrations, it should also incorporate educational elements that prevent students from losing their math skills. During the summer, students lose an average of 2.6 months worth of math learning (Shafer). By incorporating some of the following suggestions into the hustle and bustle of summer, students will be better off when they return to school in the fall.



Who doesn’t love an old fashioned game of hopscotch? It’s perfect for sunny days when kids want to get outside and release some energy. Traditionally, the game is played by drawing with chalk a pattern of squares with numbers inside of them. Having the student practice patterns by drawing the hopscotch by themselves is one way they can stay fluent in math patterns during the summer months. No matter how you play hopscotch, you can incorporate math, such as only hopping on squares with even numbers, or for more advanced students they could play by only hopping on squares that are multiples of three. The possibilities are endless for adding math to this summer staple.


Shopping is a great way for students to practice math. Whether you take them to the grocery store or back to school shopping, helping them to handle money is a skill that is never too early to start learning. Try giving your student a budget to stay within and help them add costs. They could also work on figuring out the discount on your purchase if you use coupons. Students will enjoy the responsibility of getting to help make purchase decisions and won’t even realize they’re doing math!

Swimming Contests

This one can be fun for everyone! Have one child hold their breath underwater, while everyone above water counts how long they are under. This will not only engage students in math but will allow them to have fun with a friendly competition that will teach them good sportsmanship.

The children could also practice skip counting in the water! For example, if your students are working on skip counting by threes: on one and two have the kids do an “underwater” dance move (or an active math movement).  On three have them jump out of the water and clap! To learn more about skip counting active math movement, visit here or check out this activity guide.


These are just a few ways math can be incorporated into some usual summer activities! We’d love to hear about other fun ways you’ve used to keep math skills fresh during the summer months. Comment below!


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