Duck, Duck, Goose

Grade 2

Created by:

Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

In this activity, twelve students sit around the clock, one student on each of the multiples of five. One person is “it” and walks around the mat. As they walk around, they tap the heads of the students sitting around the mat while quietly skip counting by fives.

As soon as the “it” student shouts the multiple of the student they are behind, that student becomes the “goose.” The “goose” gets up and tries to chase “it” around the mat. The goal is to tap the “it” before the “it” is able to sit down in the “goose’s” spot. If the “goose” is not able to tag the “it,” they become “it” for the next round, and play continues. If they do tap the “it” person, the person tagged has to sit in the center of the mat. Then, the “goose” becomes the “it” for the next round. The person in the middle can’t leave until another person is tagged and they are replaced.

Modification: One student (the counter) walks around the clock touching the head of each student while skip counting by fives. As soon as the student makes a mistake in the skip counting (as a real error or an error purposely made), the student sitting on the mat closest to the “it” gets up and chases the “it” (the child counting).

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