Factoring Task Cards

Grade 4

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Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

1. Ella has 12 soccer balls, 16 basketballs, and 24 baseballs. She wants to have the same number in each box. What is the least number of boxes she will need?

2. Max is making mac and cheese for dinner. He needs one box of pasta and one jar of cheese for one dinner. Pasta is sold in cases of 6 boxes each and cheese is sold in cases of 9 jars each. What is the least number of dinners Max can make without any supplies left over?

3. Mrs. Hobert has 100 crayons and 20 pieces of paper to give to her students. What is the largest number of students she can have in her class so that each student has an equal amount of crayons and an equal amount of paper?

4. Mrs. Lenny has 32 students in her class. She wants to put the students into equal groups so that each group has the 8 students. How many groups will she make?

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