Grade 3

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Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

(1) Label the first line with a 0 and the eighth line with a 1. Have students count the segments starting with the first line after the 0 as “one” and ending with the 1 as “eight”. They will see it is divided into eight equal pieces.

(2) Ask students to line up, one student on each segment, and count off by eighths. The first student says, “one eighth.” The second, “two eighths,” and so on until “eight eighths or one whole.” Mix it up by asking students to swap places on the mat to represent different fractions. When finished with this part of the activity, ask all students to get off the mat.

(3) For the final piece of this activity, ask them to find the line that represents ⅜ and to label it on a sheet of paper, then place it below the correct line segment. Continue with different fractions for extra practice.

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