Skip Count by 3s

Grade 3

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Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

Have a student start on zero. Then, have them point out the pattern that the red boxes with the feet follow. Explain to them that these boxes are showing the multiples of three.

Whisper Loud: To begin learning multiples of three, start with the whisper loud technique to have students jump down the mat. Have students follow this pattern: Jump on the one. Whisper, “one.” Jump on the two. Whisper, “two.” Jump on the three. Shout, “THREE!” Jump on the four. Whisper, “four.” Jump on the five. Whisper, “five.” Jump on the six. Shout, “SIX!” Continue with this pattern down the mat to thirty.

Skip Counting: Once they are more comfortable with the multiples of three, you can have students skip count down the mat, only jumping on the red boxes. Make sure they are saying the number confidently and correctly when they land on each multiple. If their jumps get ahead of the numbers, have them start again.

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