Spelling Contractions

Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4

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Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

Have a student jump on the first word (left single block) on the mat with both feet. Have them spell out the word while doing jumping jacks for each letter. Then, have them jump to the right and do the same for the second word. Next, they will jump to the first contraction and spell it, saying, “apostrophe” where the apostrophe goes. Vary the exercise for each set of words (jump in place, claps, arm circle, etc.)

Example with “He” Contraction Mat:
Jump on “he.” H-jumping jack, E-jumping jack.
Jump on “is.” I-jumping jack, S-jumping jack.
Jump on “he’s.” H-jumping jack, E-jumping jack. Apostrophe-jumping jack. S-jumping jack.

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