Square Number Hop

Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6

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Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

Have students hop along the diagonal of the floor mat while they say the square numbers. Have students jump on one saying 1×1 equals one, then jump to four, saying 2×2 = 4, then jump on nine while chanting 3×3 = 9, and so on until 10×10 = 100.

Note: Square numbers are crucial in understanding algebra. The more fluent a student is with square numbers, the easier it will be to become proficient at factoring and exponents.

Use painter’s tape to make a box around any square number. Using 9 as an example: Use the tape to draw a square with corners at the x, the threes on the outside of the mat, and the 9 that is their product. Do you notice that square numbers always make a square?

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