Grade 2, Grade 3

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Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

Example: 82 – 19 = ___

(1) Place the multiples of ten on the hash marks on the mat, starting with 0 and ending with 100. Have students skip count by tens on the number line. Ask them to explain the difference in value between each number (10).

(2) Next, have students move to where the number 82 would be. Place the number 82 on an index card on the mat. Then, have students move to where 19 would be on the mat and place the number 19 on an index card on the mat.

(3) Ask students to jump by ones from 19 to 20 and count the value difference. Only 1. Record this on the board/paper as 1.

(4) Ask students to skip count by tens and jump from 20 to 80. The value difference is 60.
Record this on the board/piece of paper as 60.

(5) Ask students to jump by ones, from 80 to 82. The difference in value is 2. Record this on the board/paper.

On the board/paper is: 1 + 60 + 2. Add these numbers together to get a sum of 63.

(6) Teach the relationship of addition and subtraction by adding 19 + 63 (moving by ones and tens on the number line) to equal the sum of 82.

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