Task Cards

Grade 3, Grade 4

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Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

Have the student jump on the factors and products as they say the answer to these story problems.

  1. May plays the piano for 4 hours every day. How many hours a week does May spend playing the piano?
  2. Jeffery walks his dog three times a week for 2 hours each time. How many hours per week does Jeffery spend walking his dog?
  3. Nina goes ice skating with her friends on Saturday and Sunday each week. She ice skates for 6 hours each day. How many hours per week does Nina go ice skating?
  4. Ryan helps his grandparents make ice cream every weekend. Each batch of ice cream requires 2 gallons of oat milk. How many gallons of oat milk do they use if they make 3 batches of ice cream?
  5. MIke buys a bag of 3 crystals for his collection every Friday after school. After 6 weeks how many crystals has he added to his collection?
  6. Jenny has 56 skittles. She wants to split them equally between herself and 6 friends. How many skittles does each friend get?
  7. Sara’s mom has given her 36 dollars to split with her brother and sister at the candy store. How many dollars does Sara have if she splits the money equally?

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