Throw an Active School Valentine’s Day Party For Your Class!

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Valentine's Day Party Card

5 Active Valentine's Day Games for Your Class!

February is here, which means your school Valentine’s Day party is coming up. Usually, these parties involve games, activities, and sweet treats. But your class can still stay active and healthy while having fun. Here are some Valentine’s Day class party ideas that will keep your students engaged and learning!

Jump Rope for Heart

During February, the American Heart Association hosts its annual Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. Students raise money for heart disease research through various jump rope activities. Include some Valentine’s Day-themed activities in their exercises and challenges during gym class, like jumping rope around the gym to see who can collect the most paper hearts!

Jump Rope for Heart’s Skipping Skills works well with kinesthetic learning techniques. Your students could jump rope down a floor mat with different words to make a sentence or jump rope while skip counting (on or off of a skip counting floor mat)!

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Math Bingo Bash

Play Math Bingo during your school Valentine’s Day party!

  1. Pass out Math & Movement’s free downloadable Math Bingo cards and place markers.
  2. Call out a math problem. (You can use our answer sheet guide and video to help!)
  3. Students will solve the problem and mark the answer on their bingo cards.
  4. Whoever gets bingo first wins a prize!

Active Math Bingo

Bingo also works well with Math & Movement’s Add/Subtract floor mat. You can have students all start on different numbers and ask them to add or subtract by a certain number. Then, students will see if the new number they are standing on is on their bingo card!

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Guess How Many Candies Are In A Jar

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without conversation hearts. Filling a jar with conversation hearts, Hershey’s kisses, or other candy and guessing the amount is a popular party game in many classrooms. Use this activity to reinforce relevant math concepts! 

Have your students weigh and measure the jar and use what they find to determine its volume. You can also teach students how to make smart estimates of how many candy hearts are in the jar. Whoever makes the closest guess gets to keep it as a prize.

School Valentine’s Day Party Cards

Making Valentine’s Day cards can be a fun class activity. While most students buy their cards, homemade Valentine’s Day cards add a fun, personalized touch that makes everyone feel appreciated. It’s also a great way to make sure every one of your students gets a full box of Valentine’s. 

If you decide to make cards for your students, throw in something small as a fun bonus. Bouncy balls, rulers, and stickers are all great alternatives to candy. Stickers with a positive message can encourage your students to develop self-esteem and a bright outlook. 

We hope these suggestions help you host a fun and healthy Valentine’s Day party.

Do you have an activity your students love? Let us know in the comments.

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