Affirmation Stickers

We have created these positive affirmation stickers to brighten up your classroom, bathroom mirrors, hallways, and anything in between! Available as individual stickers or as a full set.

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We currently have a list of 107 “I am” affirmation stickers and a ‘YES YOU ARE’ sticker. If you have a custom set you would like, let us know!

All stickers are covered with double lamination to ensure durability!

Sizes: (We are working on adding these! If one is not available that you looking for, please email

2 inch – A perfect size for decorating water bottles! – $1.95 each

4 inch – A perfect for covering laptop cases and binders! – $3.95 each

12 inch – Best for hallway and classroom floor stickers! – $14.95 each

The price includes shipping.

The full set of 107 “I am” affirmations and 10 “YES YOU ARE” 4 inch stickers is available for a discount of $395! (select option in the dropdown menu above)

Materials: 3.2 mil vinyl film with permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive with Comply Adhesive for fast, easy bubble-free installation

Affirmation List (select your choice in the alphabetical dropdown menu above)

  1. I am Good Enough
  2. I am Beautiful
  3. I am Positive
  4. I am Creative
  5. I am Safe
  6. I am Valued
  7. I am Unstoppable
  8. I am Capable
  9. I am Unique
  10. I am Confident
  11. I am Funny
  12. I am Respected
  13. I am Brave
  14. I am Loved
  15. I am Strong
  16. I am Amazing
  17. I am Focused
  18. I am Hard-working 
  19. I am Friendly
  20. I am Healthy
  21. I am Thoughtful
  22. I am Resourceful
  23. I am Thankful
  24. I am Curious
  25. I am Forgiving
  26. I am Intelligent
  27. I am Cheerful
  28. I am Marvelous
  29. I am Important
  30. I am Kind
  31. I am a Good Listener
  32. I am Helpful
  33. I am Motivated
  34. I am Courageous
  35. I am Open-minded
  36. I am Smart
  37. I am Magnificent
  38. I am Clever
  39. I am Patient
  40. I am Honest
  41. I am Enthusiastic
  42. I am Brilliant
  43. I am Resilient
  44. I am Persistent
  45. I am Joyful
  46. I am a Successful Learner
  47. I am Calm
  48. I am Fair
  49. I am Punctual 
  50. I am Happy
  51. I am a Wonderful Friend
  52. I am Learning
  53. I am Disciplined 
  54. I am Fearless
  55. I am Fabulous
  56. I am Wanted
  57. I am Cherished
  58. I am Organized
  59. I am Balanced
  60. I am Liked
  61. I am Appreciative
  62. I am Innovative
  63. I am at Peace
  64. I am Persuasive 
  65. I am Special
  66. I am Loyal
  67. I am Caring
  68. I am Grateful
  69. I am Admired
  70. I am Relentless
  71. I am Trustworthy
  72. I am Polite
  73. I am Reliable
  74. I am Respectful
  75. I am Powerful
  76. I am Responsible
  77. I am Competent
  78. I am Energized
  79. I am Productive
  80. I am Ambitious
  81. I am Genuine
  82. I am Elegant
  83. I am Inspired
  84. I am Worthy
  85. I am Sincere
  86. I am Relaxed
  87. I am Free
  88. I am Optimistic
  89. I am Sympathetic
  90. I am Generous
  91. I am a Terrific Human Being
  92. I am Valuable
  93. I am Needed
  94. I am Considerate
  95. I am Gracious
  96. I am Blessed
  97. I am Perseverant
  98. I am Awesome
  99. I am Content
  100. I am Talented
  101. I am Present
  102. I am Sensitive
  103. I am Tolerant
  104. I am Aware
  105. I am Prosperous
  106. I am Reasonable
  107. I am a Problem Solver
  108. YES YOU ARE

Full Set (107 ‘I am’, 20 ‘Yes You Are’), I am a Good Listener, I am a Problem Solver, I am a Successful Learner, I am a Terrific Human Being, I am a Wonderful Friend, I am Admired, I am Amazing, I am Ambitious, I am Appreciative, I am at Peace, I am Aware, I am Awesome, I am Balanced, I am Beautiful, I am Blessed, I am Brave, I am Brilliant, I am Calm, I am Capable, I am Caring, I am Cheerful, I am Cherished, I am Clever, I am Competent, I am Confident, I am Considerate, I am Content, I am Courageous, I am Creative, I am Curious, I am Disciplined , I am Elegant, I am Energized, I am Enthusiastic, I am Fabulous, I am Fair, I am Fearless, I am Focused, I am Forgiving, I am Free, I am Friendly, I am Funny, I am Generous, I am Genuine, I am Good Enough, I am Gracious, I am Grateful, I am Happy, I am Hard-working , I am Healthy, I am Helpful, I am Honest, I am Important, I am Innovative, I am Inspired, I am Intelligent, I am Joyful, I am Kind, I am Learning, I am Liked, I am Loved, I am Loyal, I am Magnificent, I am Marvelous, I am Motivated, I am Needed, I am Open-Minded, I am Optimistic, I am Organized, I am Patient, I am Perseverant, I am Persistent, I am Persuasive , I am Polite, I am Positive, I am Powerful, I am Present, I am Productive, I am Prosperous, I am Punctual , I am Reasonable, I am Relaxed, I am Relentless, I am Reliable, I am Resilient, I am Resourceful, I am Respected, I am Respectful, I am Responsible, I am Safe, I am Sensitive, I am Sincere, I am Smart, I am Special, I am Strong, I am Sympathetic, I am Talented, I am Thankful, I am Thoughtful, I am Tolerant, I am Trustworthy, I am Unique, I am Unstoppable, I am Valuable, I am Valued, I am Wanted, I am Worthy, YES YOU ARE


12 inch, 2 inch, 4 inch


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