Cartesian Coordinate Hop Floor Mat

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Mat of the Month: Cartesian Coordinate Hop

Cartesian Coordinate Hop

March means standardized testing is just around the corner. Some states began their testing periods this week! So your middle school students will need to practice using a Cartesian coordinate plane. Using kinesthetic and tactile learning techniques turns extra drills into fun math games and activities. It also improves memory, strengthens neural pathways created during learning, and enhances motivation.

Math & Movement’s Cartesian Coordinate Hop floor mat uses tactile learning strategies to help students practice their graphing skills. Each mat contains an x-y axis so you don’t have to set one up. Just roll it out and start your lesson! This mat is also available as a desk sticker for individual desk work and group classwork.

Kinesthetic and Tactile Learning for Graphing

Our Cartesian Coordinate Hop helps students in grades 5-8 practice their graphing skills, such as practice locating points on the Cartesian coordinate grid, one-to-one correspondence, slope, shapes, transformations, equations of lines, and addition and subtraction. 

Additionally, all mats come with a suggested activity guide with math games and drills you can easily use in class. Try one of our favorite activities to get started now!

Partner Battleship (Grades 5-6)

  1. First, students find a partner and pick a quadrant and on the mat. 
  2. Next, students secretly write down four coordinates from that quadrant. 
  3. Each partner will say a coordinate and, if it corresponds to one of their partner’s points, have them place a marker/object on that point. 
  4. Continue until all four points are “hit” and have partners switch roles.

Get Started with Tactile Learning

Do you have a Cartesian coordinate mat or activity your students love? Share a picture or video like this one with us on Facebook, Twitter,or Instagram. We love to see our mats in action!

If you’re interested in the Cartesian Coordinate Hop or any of our other floor mats, check out our online shop. In order to learn more about kinesthetic and tactile learning, workshops, and activities, visit our website. Please contact us with any further questions.

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