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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you recently purchased a product, or are just trying to learn more about movement-based learning, you might have a few more questions. Check out our FAQs below. Not seeing your question? Contact our team and we’ll get back to you soon!

Our movements, mats, and stickers are designed to calm down children rather than make them wilder! Cross-body movements are a quick way to get rid of excess energy. Students can focus their energy on movement and prepare their brains for more learning. Repetitive movements are also helpful for calming students who demonstrate a heightened level of arousal and alertness.

Math & Movement includes a strategy during movements called “beanpole.” Beanpole immediately brings the class into control, helps them focus on the teacher, and actively listen for the next instruction. 


Our workshops include instructions on how to introduce and manage classrooms while including movement.

The intent of these suggested activities is to offer students a mental break. Math & Movement will energize your students during morning meeting, after lunch or during transition times (in between lessons, walking in the hallway or waiting in line) The activities take between 10 seconds and 2 minutes. Math & Movement utilizes down times. The Math & Movement activities simultaneously strengthen math ability, offer movement breaks and energize the student.

Encouraging the children to lead their classmates in the Math & Movement activities strengthen leadership skills in children. In addition, when children lead, the teacher has the opportunity to help struggling children.

Yes. Classroom teachers may lead the students in physical education and receive credit for the physical education minutes, provided:

  • The Director of Physical Education puts the additional minutes for physical education into the district physical education plan.
  • The Director of Physical Education approves the physical education plan.
  • The physical education teacher supervises the pe activities (the pe teacher does not have to be in the classroom, but he/she does have to be available to answer technical questions.)
  • The physical education in the classroom is monitored, and tracked with a form.
  • The classroom teachers receive professional development instruction on the activities and how to keep track the physical education minutes.
  • The extra physical education minutes are written in the classroom lesson plans.
  • Physical education is integrated into other core subject areas.

*Please note that the above comments may differ by state. Please contact your state education department for final approval.

Math & Movement can be incorporated in three four-minute chunks of time per day, fifteen-minute segments for four days a week or twelve-minute segments each day. The individual classroom teacher can thus lead the activities at their convenience.

Math & Movement can strengthen math basics at any age, including high school!

All students benefit from the practice of skip counting. After children learn to multiply, the continual practice of skip counting facilitates the process of learning division, fractions, factoring, algebra and advanced mathematics.

Yes. The only change that is necessary to use Multiply With Me in the classroom is to use stickers instead of food items for counting. In fact, in a pilot study conducted in a first-grade classroom, children using the Multiply With Me program showed an average 550% increase in math ability after only 17.5 hours. And the children loved the activities.

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