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Earn Extra Money Using Your Teaching Skills!

Thank you for visiting this page and for your interest in being a Math & Movement consultant! The first step in becoming a Math & Movement consultant is to attend one of our Math & Movement trainings. We then work to secure funding so you have access to the materials. (Sometimes this includes seeking grant funding.) Once our Math & Movement consultants have the training and materials, they use the math-movements and floor mats with their students to increase fluency and deep conceptual understanding of math and reading concepts, collect data, run Family Fun Nights and train colleagues.

Using the program with your students will allow you to develop your own personal success stories of students who became engaged and made enormous gains in both math and reading. Collecting data on student growth provides evidence of the benefits of incorporating kinesthetic strategies. Once you attend the Math & Movement training and have gone through the process of using the program with your students, you will be prepared to be a Math & Movement consultant.

Benefits to Becoming a Math & Movement Consultant

  • Learn new strategies to help your students learn at lightning speed!
  • Experience the joy of watching a student become totally engaged in the learning process and reach mastery of the concept!
  • Access to Math & Movement materials!
  • Develop your leadership skills!
  • Meet other passionate educators!
  • Earn extra $$$ while helping students excel!


The following are some of the paid opportunities offered to Math & Movement Consultants.

A Math & Movement consultant:

  • Leads Family Fun Nights, a 2-hour event for schools which includes training of teachers and volunteers
  • Offers Math & Movement trainings for teachers/administrators
  • Makes Math & Movement presentations to demonstrate the program
  • Attends conferences and runs the exhibit booth
  • Writes grants for teachers (after being trained in the skill of grant-writing)
  • Writes proposals to speak at conferences
  • Develops curriculum
  • Organizes Math & Movement trainings and Summer Institutes