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Are you looking for strategies to increase student learning rapidly? Consider joining the grant-funded Math & Movement Ambassadors program! Join a team of innovative educators and jump-start kinesthetic learning in your school.

Currently only available for schools in the United States.


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Math & Movement Ambassador Program for Teachers

About the Program

Math & Movement Ambassadors will use the Skip Counting by 2s Mat or Skip Counting by 3s Mat in their classroom(s). Pre- and post-tests will be provided to track student improvement over three months. We will also provide a final report survey where math ambassadors can give us an honest evaluation of the mat and student engagement.


  • The Skip Counting by 2s mat is ideal for grades K-2 (or those working on addition or subtraction within 20 or multiplication or division by 2s).
  • The Skip Counting by 3s mat is ideal for grades 3-5 (or those working on multiplication or division by 3s).



What’s Included?





Grant Opportunities

  • Get connected with the Program Manager from the National Math Foundation who will look for grant options for your school
  • A great opportunity to gain support and acquire more materials



How To Become A Math & Movement Ambassador

  1. Add this product to your cart and pay the $40.
  2. We will ship your Skip Counting mat and provide you with the information to join the next training call!

Additional information

Mat Choice

Skip Counting by 2s Mat, Skip Counting by 3s Mat


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