Place Value Hop P3 (Decimals)

This material teaches the fundamentals of multi-place number building and offers students a structured system for pronouncing large numbers and decimals and using manipulatives to build them. The Place Value Hop P3 includes spaces for the ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, tenths, hundredths, and thousandths. Each column on the mat corresponds to a particular place value, with the top row available to place down number cards and the bottom row available to place manipulatives like place value blocks or popsicle sticks to build the numbers. Each column contains the pronunciation of the place value (relative to the whole number) as well as its value both spelled out and numerical.

Grade 3 - Grade 5


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    1. Build and Jump Combo

      Combine the Building Place Values and Jump out the Number activities. Have students create a number with the number cards. Then, have them build the number using place value blocks...
      Grade 4, Grade 5
    2. Jump out the Number

      Create a number on the mat, going up to the place value you are working on in class. Have students jump out the number. Example: 1,315.608 Jump on the 1....
      Grade 4, Grade 5
    3. Building Place Values

      Once your students are gaining a better understanding of the place values with the activity above, you can have them add on and build the number with blocks or popsicle...
      Grade 4, Grade 5
    4. Hopping Place Values

      Have students create a number by placing the numeral cards in the boxes at the top of the floor mat. Example: Create the number 2,345.678. Start at the thousandths column....
      Grade 4, Grade 5
    5. The Place Value Walk – Backwards

      Stand on the mat on the thousands column. Say, “thousands.” Step to the hundreds, say, “hundreds.” Then to the tens, say, “tens,” and to the ones, say, “ones.” Continue to...
      Grade 4, Grade 5
    6. The Place Value Walk

      Stand on the mat on the thousandths column. Say, “thousandths.” Step to the hundredths, say, “hundredths.” Then to the tenths, say, “tenths,” and to the ones, say, “ones.” Continue to...
      Grade 4, Grade 5

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