Jump out the Number

Grade 4, Grade 5

Created by:

Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

Create a number on the mat, going up to the place value you are working on in class. Have students jump out the number.
Example: 1,315.608
Jump on the 1. Say “1.” Jump on THOUSAND. Say, “thousand.”
Jump on the 3. Say, “3.” Jump on the HUNDRED. Say, “hundred.”
Jump on the 1. (This is where it can get a little tricky! Explain that the one in a tens column combines with the ones column.)
Jump on the 5. Say, 15.
Say, “AND.”
Jump on the 6. Say, 6. Jump on the TENTHS. Say, “tenths:”
Jump OVER the zero. (Emphasize that the zero’s are skipped and not said.)
Jump on the 8. Jump on the THOUSANDTHS. Say, “thousandths:”

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