Prefix Hops

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    1. Find the Prefix/base word

      Have students jump on each space saying aloud the word/s on each. On each space, ask them what the base word is in each word. Then have them identify the...READ MORE

      Grade 3

    2. Prefix Fix

      After hopping the mat and getting familiar with the words and prefixes have them toss a bean bag onto the mat, jump down to the space it landed on, identify...READ MORE

      Grade 3

    3. Prefix Meaning Hop

      Students will jump from prefix to prefix, until they are told to stop. When they are told to stop, they should give an explanation of how the prefix changes the...READ MORE

      Grade 3

    4. Words Meaning Hop

      Students should hop from block to block until they are told to stop. When they land on the block, they should explain the meaning of both of the words and...READ MORE

      Grade 3

    5. Prefix Sentences

      Have students hop until they are told to stop. Students will say the prefix that they land on, and then come up with a sentence using the prefix. They can...READ MORE

      Grade 3

    6. Notecard Base Words

      Students will choose a notecard (provided below) on the notecard there is a base word that is not listed on the mat. Students will hop to the prefix that makes...READ MORE

      Grade 3