Skip Counting by 2s

The Skip Counting by 2’s materials were designed to help children practice number recognition, the value of numbers, one-to-one correspondence, odd and even numbers, and addition and subtraction and to learn to skip count by twos.

The following activities can be used with the Skip Counting by 2s Floor Mat, Indoor Sticker, Outdoor Sticker, or Stencil.

Kindergarten - Grade 3


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    1. The Number Walk

      Have your student take the number walk from zero to twenty. As your student steps on each number, encourage them to simultaneously say the number name. If the counting gets...READ MORE

      Kindergarten, Grade 1

    2. The Number Walk-Backwards

      Counting backward is a prerequisite for subtraction. Have your student start on twenty and take steps to zero while saying the numbers!

      Kindergarten, Grade 1

    3. Matching Numbers

      Have your students match up the numerals with the same number of objects. Place one object on number one. Place two objects on number two. Choose two of the same...READ MORE

      Kindergarten, Grade 1

    4. Jump and Trace the Numbers

      Have your student jump on the one and say “one.” Then, have them crouch down and trace the number one with two fingers and say, “o-n-e, one.” Then, have them...READ MORE

      Kindergarten, Grade 1

    5. Adding and Subtracting Numbers

      Write addition and subtraction problems on cards and use the mat as a number line. If the math problem says 8 + 3, the student will stand on the eight...READ MORE

      Kindergarten, Grade 1

    6. Buddies

      Have your students notice that all of the numbers have corresponding dots. This is intended for students to learn the values of the numbers. Notice that the number two has...READ MORE

      Grade 1, Grade 2

    7. Skip Count by 2s

      Have a student start on zero. Then, have them point out the pattern that the blue boxes with the feet follow. Explain to them that these boxes are showing the...READ MORE

      Grade 2

    8. Multiplication

      Give a student a multiplication by twos problem (verbally, flashcard, worksheet, etc.). Example: 2 x 6 The student will begin on 0. They will jump forward 6 times, only landing...READ MORE

      Grade 2

    9. Division

      Give a student a division by twos problem (verbally, flashcard, worksheet, etc.). Example: 14 ÷ 2 The student will begin on the first number of the problem, 14. Then, they...READ MORE

      Grade 3

    10. Bean Bag Baseball Game

      Divide your class into teams (the number of teams and the number of students on each team will depend on how many students you have). Place a bucket/basket at the...READ MORE

      Grade 3, Grade 4

    11. Clipboard Math

      For enjoyable math practice, clip an addition and/or subtraction within 20 (Grade 1) or a multiplication and/or division by 2s worksheet on a clipboard (Grade 3). Have your students figure...READ MORE

      Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3