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    1. Speed Round

      This requires 2 mats Split your class into 2 teams. They will make a line in front of the mat. The first student in each line will be going against...
      Grade 2
    2. Make a Wild Guess

      Students will all stand in front of the mat. The teacher will place down some letters to spell a word on the spelling list. However, the teacher will leave some...
      Grade 2
    3. Spelling Bee Spin-Off

      Students will all stand in a line in front of the letter cards and the mat. The teacher will give students a word. One student at a time will place...
      Grade 2
    4. Quiz Me!

      Have students get with a partner. One student will take the list of spelling words, and the other student will stand by the mat with the letter cards. Student A...
      Grade 1, Grade 2
    5. Partner Practice

      Have students partner up. You will stand at the front of the class and say a word (from their spelling list, or a previously spelled word) Partners will then work...
      Grade 1, Grade 2
    6. Spelling List Practice

      Use your list of current spelling words. Scatter the letter cards on the floor. Call out one of your spelling words. Have the first student find and place the first...
      Grade 1, Grade 2
    7. Mystery Spelling Word

      Say letter sounds (that create a word) and have a student find the matching letter cards. Words can be off of students' spelling lists, or words they previously have spelled....
      Kindergarten, Grade 1
    8. Bean Bag Decides

      Place a second and a third letter on the floor mat. Lay down letter cards on the floor that would be good options for the first letter of your word....
      Kindergarten, Grade 1
    9. Rhyming Words

      After doing the Make-A-Word activity, leave a word like ‘cat’ on the mat. Hand a student the letter B card and ask them to place it on top of the...
      Kindergarten, Grade 1
    10. Spelling

      Place a word card in the last box. Have students find the letters to spell the word and place them in the first three boxes. Have students take turns jumping...
      Kindergarten, Grade 1

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