Word Blending

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    1. Creating Sounds

      Have your student jump down the mat while simultaneously saying the corresponding sound of each letter (or pair of letters depending on the mat version). Continue to have your student...READ MORE

      Kindergarten, Grade 1

    2. Root Word Hop

      Lay out the end sound cards. Have your student hop on each end sound card (or next to the card if you are on a slippery floor) while simultaneously saying...READ MORE

      Kindergarten, Grade 1

    3. Word Blending Hop

      Have your student place an end sound card at the top of the mat on the box that says ‘Place Card Here.’ Then, have your student stand on START HERE....READ MORE

      Kindergarten, Grade 1

    4. Bean Bag Decides

      Place an end sound card at the top of the mat. Have a student throw a bean bag on the Word Blending mat. Be sure the bean bag lands on...READ MORE

      Kindergarten, Grade 1

    5. Mad Word Hatter

      Create word cards that contain the initial sounds on your mat. Place the cards in a large hat or a box. A student draws a word and then hops on...READ MORE

      Kindergarten, Grade 1