Word Blending Hop

Kindergarten, Grade 1

Created by:

Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

Have your student place an end sound card at the top of the mat on the box that says ‘Place Card Here.’ Then, have your student stand on START HERE. Have your student say the initial sound in the first box. Then, have your student say the end sound at the top of the mat. Next, have your student jump on the first box blending the initial sound with the end sound to make a word. Ask your student if they have created a real or silly word. If the student has created a real word, have them cross their right leg over the left and tap “real word.” If the student has created a silly word, have them cross theier left leg over the right and tap “silly word.” The student repeats the activity for each of the initial sounds on the mat. Repeat the activity until the student is comfortable with blending words. Repeat with different end sound cards.

Guide your student’s selection of end sound cards to avoid word combinations that create profanity. Point out to students that sometimes silly words in English are real words in other languages.

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