Kinesthetic Learning Materials
Made in the USA

Designed by artists, local teachers, and our team

Printed In-House at our Shop
in Upstate New York

Hand Cut and
Crafted to Perfection

School-Safe Materials

All of our mats and stickers are printed on latex-free materials. Our mats are extremely durable, lasting years with proper care. Our stickers are ‘janitor approved’ and can be waxed over to improve durability in high traffic areas.

Latex Free

Phthalate free


NFPA 701 certified for fire resistance

Easy to Clean

Although the materials are very durable, you might notice some dirt or scuff marks if students are using them with their shoes on. To clean the mats and stickers, mix a solution of soap and water in a spray bottle. Spray down the materials and wipe with a cloth.


We’ve taken great care to find materials that will hold up over years of use. We know every penny counts in education, which is why our materials are made to last.

Installing Hallway Stickers? 

Learn more about sticker installation and sticker care.