Exciting Ways to Keep Kids Practicing Math This Summer

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The problem with summer

Often when kids think of summer, they don’t think about math. Instead, they are running around outside chasing the ice cream truck or inside spending hours on end playing video games. What’s wrong with this picture? Sadly, when kids aren’t in school they aren’t learning and they can lose some of what they gained during the school year.

Especially when it comes to math, students are losing a lot of valuable knowledge. The “summer slide,” learning loss, or setback is when many students, especially those from historically disadvantaged groups, start the school year with achievement levels lower than where they were at the beginning of summer break. Research shows student achievement scores decline over summer vacation by one month’s worth of school-year learning (Brookings 2017). Therefore it is important that you keep your child practicing math over the long break to stay on track. But how do you keep your child inside doing math, when they want to run around outside? How do you pull your child away from their video games or laptops? Math & Movement has the answer!

Products that make kids move

Math & Movement materials keep kids active and moving to beat the summer learning slide. The bright, multicolored floor mats engage children and help them to associate learning with fun. It also helps them be healthy because they are exercising and practicing math, instead of being sedentary all day. There are several ways to keep your child learning while actively moving, even outside! If your child is learning to add and subtract, they can practice using the Add/Subtract Hop. Maybe your child just learned fractions in school; they can reinforce what they have learned by using the Equivalent Fraction Hop. If you are looking to challenge your child and introduce something new, you could use the Place Value Hop-Decimals. In many ways, these mats provide fun, engaging options to keep your child active and beat the summer slide so they are well prepared for the new school year!

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