Equivalent Fraction Hop

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The Equivalent Fraction Hop makes it fun to learn equivalent fractions using circles, squares, and rectangles! Available as a floor mat (two sizes), a regular indoor floor sticker, or carpet sticker.


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Hands on equivalent fractions activities for the kids in your classroom!

Fractions for kids can be challenging, especially right after they just gained an understanding of whole numbers. Learning and teaching fractions can be fun with movement-based activities. With our Equivalent Fraction Hop materials, your students will be jumping through fractions games in the classroom! Turn equivalent fractions into a hands on activity with full body movements.

This large-format floor mat or sticker features equivalent fractions from halves to tenths. The materials provide visual cues to the relationships between parts and wholes. The whole number one is on both the left and right ends of the mat or sticker. In between these ones, each column is divided vertically into its subsequent fraction, starting with halves on the left all the way to tenths on the left.

Comparing fractions becomes as simple as looking from one column to the next! Each box has its corresponding fraction depicted with a circle, rectangle, and square. With its bright colors and large graphics, this material makes it easy to visualize each fraction.

The Equivalent Fraction Hop Mat is available in two sizes – 5ft by 5ft or 10ft by 10ft. The 10ft by 10ft version comes in two parts held together with velcro, making fraction games for the classroom and storage practical. Furthermore, there is ample space for multiple students to participate in equivalent fraction activities at the same time!

The Equivalent Fraction Hop Floor Sticker and Carpet Sticker are 4 ft x 4 ft.

Above all, physical activity boosts students’ learning comprehension and improves their memory retention. Kids often get so engaged in the activities that they forget they are learning equivalent fractions! Teaching fractions to young students can be an energetic day for your class rather than a stagnant, troublesome one.

Additionally, you can find plenty of hands on equivalent fraction activities on our activity database. Introducing fractions to kids has never been this fun before!

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Product Details

Materials: Our floor mats are made from heavy-duty vinyl. They are easy to clean, durable, and long-lasting. Some teachers have used their mats for over 10 years! Each regular sticker is 6.4 mm thick and laminated for extra protection. Our stickers are made with the latest 3M adhesive technology so that applications are easy and quick. Each carpet sticker is 6.6 mm thick and laminated for extra protection. For best results, install stickers on short nap/low pile commercial carpets.

Dimensions: Floor Mats -5 x 5 feet or 10 x 10 feet / Stickers – 4 ft x 4 ft

Includes:  1/2 – 2/2, 1/3 – 3/3, 1/4 – 4/4, 1/5 – 5/5, 1/6 – 6/6, 1/7 – 7/7, 1/8 – 8/8, 1/9 – 9/9, 1/10 – 10/10


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Sample Activity: Jumping Fractions

  • Have a student start at the bottom of the mat under ½.
  • The student jumps up each set of fractions.
  • When the student gets to the top of the mat, they jump sideways to the number 1.
  • For example, students will jump on ½. Say, “½.” Jump on 2/2. Say, “2/2.” Jump to the left, land on 1, and say, “2/2 makes a whole.”
  • Then, move to ⅓ and repeat the same process across the entire mat.
  • When the student gets to 7/7, have them jump to the 1 that is on the right side.