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Blank Word Blending Laminated Mat (+ Digital Cards)

Learn the fundamentals of reading through word building! Write letters in each block with dry-erase markers and have students sound out each letter block blended with the letter card at the top of the mat. Includes digital, printable cards for word creation.


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Movement-based word blends for kindergarten

Teach young readers how to blend sounds into words with movement! Our Blank Word Blending Laminated Mat makes kinesthetic word blends for kindergartners possible. Students will learn how to blend letter sounds into words while moving their bodies and having fun!

The Blank Word Blending Mat is laminated with dry-erase material so that educators or students can write single or double letters in each of the eight blank blocks. A set of digital, printable cards is also included with the mat. To use this mat, select a card and place it in the blue square at the top of the mat.

Each card has two or three letters that can be used to complete a word. For example, place the card “at” at the top of the mat. On the blank blocks, write “c”, “d”, “r”, “z”, “bo”, “fn”, “he”, and “we”. Beginning at the start block, a student will hop on each block and blend the letter sounds on the block and the card together.

In this example, the first word blend will be “c-at”, or “cat”. Then, the student will tap on the “real word” circle in the block. They will continue down the mat and discover the real words “rat”, “boat”, and “heat”. They will identify the silly words “dat”, “zat”, “fnat”, and “weat”.


Endless ways to blend letter sounds

As a result of jumping on this floor mat, young learners will know how to blend individual sounds and create reading words aloud. Above all, kids learn best while they are moving. Physical activity boosts learning comprehension and improves memory retention. Plus, your students will be highly engaged in play!

As your students advance, have them write the letters on the mat for each other. By reading and writing the letters, young students will improve their phonemic awareness, word recognition skills, and reading comprehension. Encourage active learning and collaborative play in your classroom!

Learning to read can be active and energetic! Teach blending sounds with movement and watch your students excel in literacy! Check out our activity database for more blending activities for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade.


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Product Details

Materials: Laminated Floor Mats combine the power of our heavy-duty vinyl material with dry-erase laminate. The laminate works well with a dry-erase marker and can be cleaned easily.

Includes: Mat and digital cards


*Note: Dry-erase stickers are not slip-resistant. Place them in safe, non-high-traffic areas.


Sample Activity: Bean Bag Decides

  • Place an end sound card at the top of the mat.
  • Have a student throw a bean bag on the mat. Be sure the bean bag lands on one box.
  • Have them hop to the bean bag, alternating between one and two-footed hops.
  • Finally, ask the student to pick up the bean bag and blend the initial sound and end sound to make a word.

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