Connect the Dots Laminated Sticker

The Connect The Dots Laminated Sticker allows students to create shapes, count squares, and engage in creating number patterns. The sticker is laminated for dry erase, which will allow students to draw various shapes.

Also available as a laminated floor mat here.


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Materials: Laminated decals (approved floor laminate)

Includes: Open dots – 8 columns, 3 rows

Sample Activity:

Game of Connect the Dots (Grades 1-5)

Have two students each get a different colored dry erase marker (Please make sure it is a dry erase marker only). The object of the game is to complete more boxes than their opponent. You move by connecting two dots with a line. When you place the last ‘wall’ of a single square, the box is yours and you can write a letter or number inside the box to show that it is yours. Players move in turns, but when a player completes a box, he or she gets another turn. The game ends when all boxes have been taken. The student with the most boxes wins. 


Please Note: Dry-erase mats and stickers are not slip-resistant. It is important to place the mats and stickers in safe spaces that are not in high traffic areas (e.g. school hallways). 

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