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Place Value Hop - Decimals (P3)

This multi-activity mat teaches the fundamentals of multi-place number building. Lay out number cards in the place value columns, then hop to say the number with the help of the place value prompts. Add place value manipulatives (sold separately) to add a visual comparison of the places. Set includes mat and 10 number cards. Additional number cards can be ordered separately.

Supports CCSS  4.NBT.3,  5.NBT.1,  5.NBT.2,  5.NBT.3,  5.NBT.3a, 5.NBT.3b,  5.NBT.4,  5.NBT.6,  and  5.NBT.7.


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Dimensions: 96 inches x 52 inches

Materials: Heavy-duty vinyl

Includes: thousandths, hundredths, tenths, ones, tens, hundreds, thousands

Sample Activity:

Create a number by placing numeral cards in the boxes at the top of the Place Value Hop floor mat. For example, create the number 9,213.452

Start at the thousandths column. Hop on the 2 and say “2 thousandths.”

Hop on the 5 and say “5 hundredths.”

Hop on the 4 and say “4 tenths.”

Hop on the 3 and say “3 ones.”

Hop on the 1 and say “1 ten.”

Hop on the 2 and say “2 hundreds.”

Hop on the 9 and say “9 thousands.”

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