12-sided Dice

These foam 12-sided die are perfect for classroom and gymnasium activities! Each one comes in a randomly selected color from blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow. Sold Individually.



Use these 12-side dice to spice up learning!

Make learning more fun with colorful dice! Our foam 12-sided dice can be used to select teams for games, to order students, or to determine the number of exercises for students to complete. These dice can also be used for random number generation.

Created with latex-free foam, these foam dice are safe for all ages and abilities. This 12-sided die will come in a randomly selected color. Colors include blue, green, orange, purple, red, or yellow.


Also available: Want even more movement-based activities? Pair this 12-sided die with our Add/Subtract (1-100), Add/Subtract (1-120), or Hundred Number Grid 0-99 floor mats.


Product Details

Materials: Each die is made of latex-free foam.

Dimensions: 8 inches

Includes: One 12-sided foam die


Sample Activity: Roll for Addition

  • First, have a student roll the die and read the number it lands on out loud. The next student does the same.
  • Next, as a group, add the numbers together and say the equation out loud (e.g. “Seven plus two equals nine.”).
  • Repeat


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