Word Hop Floor Mats Full set

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This collection of hopping mats covers all of the 220 Sight Words identified by Dr. Dolch as basic words that, for the most part, cannot be sounded out and must be learned by sight. Students drill letter and word recognition through movement making the learning of these vital words fun.


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Discounted set of all 29 Word Hop Mats, a savings of $145 off the price of the individual mats!

Dimensions: 30 inches x 78 inches

Materials: Heavy-duty vinyl

Includes: 29 floor mats (see the individual mats here)

Word Hop Mat A: I, A, The, Go, Can, Is, Me

Word Hop Mat B: To, In, It, Run, Did, Like, And

Word Hop Mat C: Not, We, Get, Said, My, See, You

Word Hop Mat D: Have, Are, No, What, Do, At, On

Word Hop Mat E: Was, For, Come, Funny, He, Jump, Little

Word Hop Mat F: Will, Too, Look, Of, Play, This, Up

Word Hop Mat G: Saw, Ran, One, Here, Good, Down, Big

Word Hop Mat H: Away, Yes, All, Am, Around, But, By

Word Hop Mat I: Call, Came, Eat, Fast, An, Stop, Some

Word Hop Mat J: She, Who, Out, Old, Make, Into, Going

Word Hop Mat K: Her, Help, Had, Give, From, Fly, Cold

Word Hop Mat L: Be, As, After, Your, Under, Soon, So

Word Hop Mat M: Round, Ride, Its, If, His, Him, May

Word Hop Mat N: Many, Made, Live, Let, Know, Has, Got

Word Hop Mat O: Gave, Find, When, Walk, They, Then, Them

Word Hop Mat P: That, Put, Over, Now, New, About, Could

Word Hop Mat Q: Ask, Always, Any, Again, Ate, With, Were

Word Hop Mat R: Went, Take, Say, Our, Once, Or, Long

Word Hop Mat S: How, First, Found, Does, Been, Because, Bring

Word Hop Mat T: Wish, Want, Would, Upon, Us, There, Tell

Word Hop Mat U: Pull, Only, Open, Never, Must, Much, Goes

Word Hop Mat V: Every, Done, Before, Which, Work, Very, Think

Word Hop Mat W: Those, Their, These, Small, Show, Sit, Keep

Word Hop Mat X: Just, Hold, Hot, Grown, Fall, Drink, Draw

Word Hop Mat Y: Buy, Where, Try, Today, Shall, Read, Pick

Word Hop Mat Z: Please, Pretty, Off, Own, Myself, Full, Cut

Word Hop Mat AA: Clean, Both, Best, Better, Write, Why, Well

Word Hop Mat AB: Use, Together, Wash, Warm, Thank, Sing, Start

Word Hop Mat AC: Sleep, Right, Laugh, Light, Kind, Hurt, Far

Sample Activity:

Create word cards that match two of the words on the mat.

Create five cards for each word. Put the word cards in a pile and mix them up.

Match the word cards with the words on the floor mat by placing the word card on or beside the word on the floor mat.

Gradually increase the number of different words.


Word Hop Pre- and Post-Testing Teacher Documentation List — For Teachers

Word Hop Pre- and Post-Testing Teacher Word List — For Students



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  1. Marcia Wade

    This is an absolutely fabulous product! It is making a huge difference in my kindergarten and first grades word recognition skills and my 2nd graders use it to make sentences. Even my preschooler used these mats to finally understand that letters make words!

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