Valentine's Day Bingo Bash

Let’s Play Math Bingo!

Enjoy this free printable bingo card to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your classroom.

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Math Bingo Bash

Play Math Bingo during your school’s Valentine’s Day party!

  1. Pass out Math & Movement’s free downloadable bingo card.
  2. Call out a math problem. (You can use our answer sheet in the download and video above to guide you!)
  3. Students will solve the problem and mark the answer on their bingo cards.
  4. Whoever gets bingo first wins a prize!

For an added challenge, switch up the operations – one problem could be addition and the next multiplication. 


Active Math Bingo

Bingo also works well with Math & Movement’s Add/Subtract floor mat. You can have students all start on different numbers and ask them to add or subtract by a certain number. Then, students will see if the new number they are standing on is on their bingo card!

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