Addition/Simplify Race

Grade 4, Grade 5

Created by:

Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

Students start at 1/10 and roll the dice to get a number to add to their numerator. Each student gets 3 turns each. After the first roll if they can simplify they get to move left on the mat.

For example: A student is at 1/10 and rolls a 3. They add 3/10 to their 1/10 and have 4/10. 4/10 can be simplified to ⅖ once at ⅖ they roll a second time and get a 4. They add ⅘ to their ⅖ and get 6/5. They simplify that to 1 and ⅕ by moving to ⅕ on the mat and holding up one finger to keep track of how many whole numbers they have accumulated. They get a third turn. The student with the largest number after 3 turns wins.

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