Equivalent Fraction

The purpose of the Equivalent Fraction Hop Mat is to help students understand fractions in relation to whole numbers. The activities found in this guide help students recognize equivalent fractions and progress into addition, subtraction, and multiplication of fractions.

Grade 2 - Grade 6



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    1. Where’s My Place?

      Create a vertical number line with zero through one on the perimeter of the mat (tape on the floor or printed on paper). Create index cards with fractions (ex: ¼,...READ MORE

      Grade 3, Grade 4

    2. Reaching One

      Have students determine how far they are from the whole by giving them a fraction card and having them walk the fraction boxes until they get to the whole. For...READ MORE

      Grade 4

    3. Simplifying Fractions

      Ask your students the following questions. Have them solve each by standing on the fraction in the problem and finding an equivalent fraction. (Can slide foot along line horizontally or...READ MORE

      Grade 3, Grade 4

    4. Multiplying Fractions

      Give students a fraction to multiply. For example: What is 3 x ⅜ ? Remind students that when we are multiplying 3 x ⅜, we are adding three groups of...READ MORE

      Grade 4, Grade 5

    5. Adding Different Denominators

      Give students two fractions to add together. Example: ⅓ and ⅚. They will have to use equivalent fractions to see that ⅓ is the same as 2/6. (Use techniques mentioned...READ MORE

      Grade 5

    6. Math Toss

      Write +, -, x on cards ahead of the game. Students will toss two bags/dice on the floor mat and then add/subtract/multiply the two fractions they land on depending on...READ MORE

      Grade 4, Grade 5

    7. Adding and Subtracting Fractions

      Write addition and subtraction problems with fractions having the same denominator on index cards. Have students use the Equivalent Fraction Mat as a number line to help them solve the...READ MORE

      Grade 4

    8. Reciprocal

      Use the Equivalent Fraction mat to teach reciprocals. Have students find ½ . Ask what they would multiply ½ by to get 1. (2/1) Point out that the reciprocal of...READ MORE

      Grade 6

    9. Word Problems

      Have students use the floor mat to solve word problems. Student A will stand on the first fraction mentioned in the word problem. Student B will stand on the second...READ MORE

      Grade 4

    10. Roll the Dice and Simplify

      Have a student roll two dice to create a fraction. Ask him or her if the fraction can be simplified. If so, have him or her simplify the fraction. Place...READ MORE

      Grade 4

    11. Cross The Mat

      The teacher will stand on the left side of the mat near the ½ and ⅓ number patterns. Have students cross the mat only stepping on fractions that are equivalent...READ MORE

      Grade 4

    12. Addition/Simplify Race

      Students start at 1/10 and roll the dice to get a number to add to their numerator. Each student gets 3 turns each. After the first roll if they can...READ MORE

      Grade 4, Grade 5

    13. Building Fractions

      Have students grab a handful of legos or blocks (no more than 10 total). Have the student count the total number of items. This number is the denominator. Then, have...READ MORE

      Grade 3

    14. Matching Game – Percents

      Create index cards with various percents on them (ex. 20%, 50%). Have your students play the same game as above. After drawing a card, students will attempt to find an...READ MORE

      Grade 4, Grade 5

    15. Matching Game – Fractions

      Create index cards with various fractions on them (ones that can be found on the mat). Have students flip the cards upside down around the mat. A student will pick...READ MORE

      Grade 3, Grade 4

    16. Matching Cards

      Using the printable equivalent fraction cards, have the students match the card to the spot on the floor mat. As they place the card on the mat, have them jump and...READ MORE

      Grade 3, Grade 4

    17. Comparing Fractions – Full Class Activity

      Have students stand on different fractions around the mat. Ask the following questions: “If you are standing on a fraction greater than ½, raise your hand.” “If you are standing...READ MORE

      Grade 3

    18. Comparing Fractions – Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To

      Pick two fractions on the mat. (Students select, you select, or roll a dice.) Have a student stand on one of the fractions and another student stand on the other...READ MORE

      Grade 3

    19. Denominator / Numerator

      Ask your students the following questions: “Jump on a number with the denominator of ____” “Jump on a number with the numerator of ____”

      Grade 3

    20. Class Fractions

      Have the class surround the outside of the mat. Choose one student to start at the bottom on the ½. Have that student jump and land on the black line...READ MORE

      Grade 3