Beginning Letters Treasure Hunt

Kindergarten, Grade 1

Created by:

Sally Cramer

Activity Instructions

Choose a high frequency letter. The high frequency letters on this mat are “a” (11x), “f” (6x), “g” (7x), “h” (9x), “i” (7x), “m” (6x), and “s” (8x). One student will jump and another will write down the words on the worksheet. The challenge is for the class to work together to find all of the words beginning with a certain letter. Sequence: You choose the letter. The student with the worksheet announces how many words on the mat begin with that letter. The class looks for words beginning with that letter. When someone finds one, he/she shouts it out and directs the jumping student to the letter while the person with the worksheet writes it down. Continue until the class finds all of the words. (There are worksheets included for this activity.)

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