Five In a Row -Tic Tac Toe

Grade 2

Created by:

Sharon Campos, Newfield Elementary School

Activity Instructions

Each student receives nine items of the same color to mark spots on the Add/Subtract Mat). The winner is the first to get five of their items (markers) in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Students roll die to determine who gets the first turn.

1. In each turn, a student rolls the die. If an odd number is rolled, then the student can place a marker on any available odd number. If even, then the student places a marker on any available even number.

2. The student strategizes as to whether they would like to attempt to get five in a row or try to block other students from realizing their goal of five in a row. Once a student has a plan, they place their marker on the odd or even number specified by the roll of the die.

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