Fraction Madness

Grade 4

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Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

Create ten index cards with equivalent fractions, decimals, and percents for a fraction located on the mat. For example, create ten index cards that are equivalent to or represent ½. The ten index cards could be: 2/4, 3/6, 5/10, 6/12, 8/16, .5, 50/100, 10/20, .500, and 50%. You will need four sets of ten cards for this activity.

Spread the cards out on the Equivalent Fraction Mat. Divide your students into four teams of three to four students. Each team will need two bean bags (different colors for each team if available) and a small box or basket to catch the bean bags. Set the baskets about 2-3 feet outside each corner of the mat. Have each team of students stand behind a different basket. Assign each group a set of the fraction index cards you created. For example:
Team Blue – Collect all the cards that are equivalent to ½.
Team Red – Collect all the cards that are equivalent to ¼.
Team Green – Collect all the cards that are equivalent to ⅓.
Team Orange – Collect all the cards that are equivalent to ¾.

To collect cards, students from each team will go out onto the mat with a bean bag and stand on an index card. From where they are standing, the student will attempt to toss the bean bag into their team’s basket. If the student makes the basket, that student gets to pick up the card and place it in their team basket. Then, the next team member in line takes the bean bag for his or her turn. The game continues until all the cards are collected.

Option 2:
Create fractions cards with numbers having common denominators. Have each team collect the fraction cards following the instructions above. When all of the fraction cards are collected, each team will add the numbers on their cards to see who has the biggest number.

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