High Frequency Beginning Letters

Kindergarten, Grade 1

Created by:

Sally Cramer

Activity Instructions

Have 10 students line up either on the left side of the mat (one student at each row) or the bottom of the mat (one student at each column). Direct students to jump/hop/step on each word until they reach a word starting with the letter _____. The student should jump on that word 5x while saying it. The student continues traveling in like manner until reaching the end of the row/column. The next 10 students then line up in similar fashion. Choose a different starting letter for them to identify. The high frequency letters are “a” (11x), “f” (6x), “g” (7x), “h” (9x), “i” (7x), “m” (6x), and “s” (8x). There are worksheets for this activity.

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