The Make-A-Word Hop

PreK, Kindergarten

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Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

Make a word for your students by placing three letters on the mat that form a word such as “mat” or “cat.” Have your student stand below the first letter of the word. The student says the sound of the letter. Then, the student side steps to the box below the second letter of the word. The student says the second letter sound. The student side steps again and says the third letter sound. Then, they side-step to the next box and blend the word. They then jump three times, saying the word on each jump. Have them find the corresponding word card and place it on the mat with their spelled out word!

The letters on the mat are “m,” “a,” and “t.” The student begins on the foot box below the letter m. The student says “Mmmmmmm.” The student side steps to “a” and says “aaaaaaaa.” The student hops to “t” and says “t” quickly. The student immediately sidesteps to the box below the word “mat” and says “mat.” The student jumps three times saying “mat” with each hop. The student finds the “mat” word card and places it on the mat to the right of the letter “t.”

Change letters and repeat the activity.

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