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    1. Phoneme Recognition

      To help students recognize letter sounds, lay all of the letter cards on the floor. Have your students step on each letter card while saying all of the sounds that...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    2. The Make-A-Word Hop

      Make a word for your students by placing three letters on the mat that form a word such as “mat” or “cat.” Have your student stand below the first letter...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    3. Spelling

      Place a word card in the last box. Have students find the letters to spell the word and place them in the first three boxes. Have students take turns jumping...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    4. Rhyming Words

      After doing the Make-A-Word activity, leave a word like ‘cat’ on the mat. Hand a student the letter B card and ask them to place it on top of the...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    5. Bean Bag Decides

      Place a second and a third letter on the floor mat. Lay down letter cards on the floor that would be good options for the first letter of your word....READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    6. Mystery Word

      Say three letter sounds (that create a word) and have a student find the matching letter cards. Then, have them jump on the letters they found and say the word...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten