The Tens Have It

Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4

Created by:

Sally Cramer

Activity Instructions

Write +10, -10, +20, and -20 on index cards. Toss a beanbag towards the center of the mat . Have a student travel to it and then clap 3x while saying the word. Pull one of the cards and tell the student to advance or retreat from that point by that many steps, moving horizontally across the mat. For example, +10 means take 10 steps along the rows, heading toward the bottom of the mat. Likewise, -20 means take 20 steps along the rows, heading toward the top of the mat. When he/she lands on this new word, the student jumps on it 5x while saying it.
(+/-10 = Grades K-2; +/-20= Grades 2-4)

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